My Turbo-nerd Rating System

After my tasting notes I usually give a score to the whisky. After some thoughts I decided to fully embrace my nerd Star Wars lover side me grouping the scores in the following categories:

  • jar_jar_binks Jar Jar: under 65. Please avoid that.

  • Copia di troop Stormtrooper: 66 to 70. Missing the mark.

  • trap Ackbar: 71 to 75. Interesting, but it might be a trap.

  • Copia di Boba Boba Fett: 76 to 80. Try it before you hire it.

  • Copia di Han Han: 81 to 85. Great quality. Chewie, we are home.

  • Copia di Luke Luke: 86 to 90. Awesome, much more than a new hope.

  • Copia di Darth Darth Vader: 91 to 95. We are among the Chosen Ones.

  • Copia di Yoda Yoda: 96 to Mad Max. Legendary this stuff is.